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You should consider many things before you have the great wedding invitation wording. You should pay the attention on its host line, RSVP, and more. in reality, wedding invitation wording is a place where you might want to get creative, but not too creative. No matter what beautiful form they come in (old fashioned post, email, on a balloon, sent by a flock of pigeons, unrolled as a poster) they still need to convey some basic information. Who are you? What are you doing? When and where are you doing it? How you share that information can express everything from your values, to the kind of wedding you’re going to have, to your artistic taste. But an invitation still is, in its most basic form, a simple means of passing along information. The first line of the invitation is where you list who’s hosting the wedding, which is something of a philosophical question.

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In times past, the bride’s family always hosted (and paid for) the wedding. Thankfully, those days are done. Hosting the wedding is, in the end, a (mostly meaningless) honor that you get to choose how to pass out. Both (or all) your sets/singles of parents can be listed as hosts. Wedding invitation wording should consider the place too. This is where you actually invite people. “The honor of your presence” is traditionally used to denote a religious service while “The pleasure of your company” is used to denote a secular one, though you can use any phrasing you want. The names line here will explain you more.

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This line seems self-evident until you start thinking about the details. Whose name goes first? (That honor traditionally belongs to the bride, but what if there are two brides? Or all grooms? Or you just don’t want to do it that way?)wedding invitation wording is a kind of the great wording when you can make every detail in clear especially on its action line. What are you inviting people to share in? Traditionally, with the bride’s parent’s hosting, this line read something like “At the marriage of their daughter,” but your line might read “At the celebration of their marriage,”

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