Tree Wedding Invitations

Do you have plan to hold the wedding in the forest or in the jungle? Or have you ever thought to change your backyard into the wedding venue? If you have, you can make the invitations related to it. You can have flowers as the main shape of your invitations, or you can have tree wedding invitations with you. Although it seems little bit childish, the meaning behind it is strong. You can make it elegant, not in the childish mode if you know how to combine the design and the the color on it. Make the two folded type and let the guests read the inside of it as your wedding invitations. You can have something more than you thought when it becomes to Alice in the wonderland theme. You can out the great font style on it, so that the space of it will be enough to your sentences of words.

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Is it necessary to put your photo? No problem of it. You can make the fruits hang on the tree and put your photo inside the fruits. You will get the best touch as you can if you know the way to put it in the right place. Tree wedding invitations are normal to you who love something natural cute, and simple. There is no problem to make it in many amount because it saves more paper. Do you want to use three real leaves and make it in shape of tree? This is a creative idea, but remember to share the invitation as soon as possible. How to make it?

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Tree wedding invitations in the real tree can give the best of everything in your life. You save your nature by reduce the paper used and you can make something unusual for your wedding. It can be the trendsetter today. As long as you can make it close to your due date of wedding and share it soon, there will be no problem with your invitations. Everything will be under the control when you let few people to handle it. It is because of too many people will give too many opinions on it.

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