Little Mermaid Birthday Invitations

If you want to have the Little Mermaid birthday invitations, you can start to decorate your house first. Jenny made these adorable jellyfish lanterns and fish lanterns out of some old party lanterns she had saved. We hung them on finishing line under some blue and green plastic table cloths we draped under the patio. When the wind blew, the table clothes moved like the waves of the ocean.

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This was my favorite part than only little mermaid birthday invitations. I brought over some glittery under the sea decorations that I had bought a long time ago for a Little Mermaid party I wanted to throw my daughter that never happened. Doh! I lent them to Jenny and we transformed the food table into Ariel’s Treasure Trove. Jenny brought out her good silverware (AKA Dinglehoppers) and we placed them inside containers and candlesticks. We also used seashells, netting, and other treasures Jenny found around the house.

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Jenny decorated the kids table with blue linens, artificial flowers, and sea glass. She made little place settings with scrapbook paper and also made seashell and burlap bottles for their drinks. The party favors for the guests were so cute! Jenny made each girl a personalized Under the Sea Mermaid headband with real shells. Here are some of my favorites. Grandma Hoss, a former baker, made a beautiful Ariel chocolate layer cake for Becca.  It was not only gorgeous, but moist and so yummy! The details were amazing! The party was fabulous! The adults had fun too. I brought over some homemade sangria. However, the Little Mermaid birthday invitations are suitable for girls!

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