Batman Birthday Invitations

It is a good thing to make the boys birthday party full of their lovely superhero. You can use Batman birthday Invitations for them. It is included the mask and full of black. Here are the ideas!

You should prepare these! cake pops, cakes, caped chairs, place settings, Justice League glasses, hanging paper bats, bat garland, a super hero training game, Gotham City backdrop, bat favor holders, a Batman cape, costume and cuffs, Batman Box City, party games, Batman themed beverages, Batman grilled cheese, DIY bat piñata, and a bat light! Go on an explore at each of these sites and you’ll discover even more Batman inspiration. Now all you need is to find Robin and a life-sized Batmobile!

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For the invitations, Cut out a bat signal from thick yellow paper. On the back, write all all of the party information. Cut a cape out of a black piece of paper. Cut a yellow piece of paper in the same shape but slightly smaller. Paste onto the black cape so that the black shows on the edges. Write the party information on the yellow paper. About the decoration, To make a fun and easy garland, blow up black and yellow balloons and hang them on a string. You can alternate the colors or make some all black and the others all yellow.

If you have Batman birthday Invitations comics lying around, you can use them to make a unique bunting decoration! Just cut the pages into long triangles and sew them on a piece of thick string, leaving a few inches of space between each triangle. Hanging up your cool decoration anywhere and everywhere!

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Hang a black tablecloth on the wall that you want a backdrop. Blow up yellow or black balloons and line them at the top of the tablecloth. Attach black and yellow streamers at the top so that they fall down to the floor. If you want to twist them to give them a fun look, make sure you attach them at the floor as well.  Batman birthday Invitations also need the games to make it fun!

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